American Red Cross

Officials from the National Weather Service are surveying damage today in Beaufort and Hyde counties to determine the strength of yesterday’s tornado that severely damaged eight homes and hospitalized five people.  Jared Brumbaugh has more.

The hardest hit of yesterday’s storm, around the town of Belhaven on Beech Ridge Road. John Pack is Director of Beaufort County Emergency Services. 

“we think there were the possibly of two tornadoes.  One may have not touched the ground, the other one definitely did.”

The American Red Cross is facing a shortage of blood. Lee Jenkins has more.

In a situation similar to last year, the Red Cross is facing a 10 percent nationwide decrease in blood donation, leaving them 50,000 donation short of their projections. According to the Communications Director of Eastern North Carolina's Red Cross, Autum Mihm, summer vacations for students have contributed to the drop in donations.