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Top 40 CDs as hard on The Sound (through 8/26/16)

Sing - Jennifer Licko

Jun 30, 2016

INTRO – A new CD by ENC native Jennifer Licko took a long, circuitous and electronic path toward final production. George Olsen has more.

“It was a really nice collaboration of an Irish producer in Minnesota, an English producer in Florida and a Brazilian producer here in Brazil and I think it made for an interesting outcome.”   

Free download of It's Political from the CD War & Peace by Shannon Labrie, currently featured on The Sound.  Find out more about the artist here.

Free download of Got a Lot from the CD Method to my Madness by Tommy Castro, currently featured on The Sound.  Find out more about the artist here.

Free download of Outskirts of Love from the CD of the same name by Shemekia Copeland, currently featured on The Sound.  Find out more about the artist here.

Free download of Superman Blues from the Kentucky Headhunters with Johnnie Johnson's new CD "Meet Me in Bluesland", currently featured on The Sound.  Find out more about the artist here.

Free download of The Love You Save (Mississippi) from Lipbone Redding's CD "Unbroken", a past favorite on The Sound.  Find out more about the artist here.

Dies Magnum Requiem by Michael Bussewitz-Quarm

Nov 19, 2014

INTRO – If you like your country or acoustic music slick and highly produced, don’t buy the following CD by Raleigh’s Lynda Dawson and Greenville’s Pattie Hopkins. One guitar, one fiddle, two voices … that’s it … and the CD’s title tells you everything you need to know about the music inside. George Olsen talked with Lynda & Pattie and has this.

Free download of Really Wanna See You from Lydia Loveless' new CD "Somewhere Else", currently featured on The Sound.  Find out more about the artist here.

Free download of The One That Got Away from Ken Yates' new CD "23", currently featured on The Sound.  Visit Ken's website here.

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Jan 10, 2014

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Not one... but TWO... free downloads from Rob Drabkin's latest CD "Little Steps." Enjoy tracks currently featured on The Sound Down to Fate as well as the CD's title track.

The new CD by Anders Osborne "Peace" is currently featured on The Sound. From that CD, enjoy a free download of 47.

Currently featured on The Sound, download for free Every Day from Caitlin Canty's new CD "Golden Hour."

New Bern’s Nicholas Sparks has just released his 18th book “The Longest Ride.” Dating back to 1996’s “The Notebook” he’s enjoyed remarkable success, with several of the books topping the New York Times bestseller list and virtually all… if not all… appearing in the top ten… which is why I was surprised by his answer to my question about whether he still enjoys the writing process after nearly 18 years as a highly-read author.

For Andrew Marlin, the genesis of Mandolin Orange’s 3rd CD “This Side of Jordan” evolved from a near-tragic incident in his own life back in 2011 that occurred around the release of the duo’s 2nd CD.

Free download of Can't Trust the News from Enter the Haggis' new CD "The Modest Revolution", currently featured on The Sound.

INTRO – Winston Churchill is believed the source for the observation that “History is written by the victors.” The life… and subsequent disappearance from history… of a North Carolina-born slave and abolitionist illustrates the truth behind that remark. George Olsen has more.

INTRO – One was a commissioned U-S Navy officer and later a hero of the Confederacy. The other born into slavery who bought his way to freedom not once but three times. The lives of those featured in the new book “Two Captains from Carolina” could not have been more different but the book’s author says they had remarkable similarities as well… at least in one realm. George Olsen has more.

On the one hand the stories of Moses Grandy and John Maffitt share much in common.

Beth McKee's Next to Nowhere CD was our 2nd most played release in 2012. You can download one of our featured tracks "On the Verge" here.

War Zone: World War II Off the North Carolina Coast - Kevin Duffus

New Bern, NC – In the words of a U-S Coast Guard chief petty officer who was in service in 1942 "I think the people on the Outer Banks saw more of the war in this country than anyone else."

Old North State - Red Clay Ramblers

New Bern, NC – The Red Clay Rambler's latest CD "Old North State" could be viewed as a disc 40 years in the making.

Lightnin' Wells

New Bern, NC – Mike "Lightnin'" Wells is old school enough when he takes you through his history as a working musician, he does it not on a tablet computer or any computer for that matter but in a scrapbook.

"It's my musical scrapbooks. When I was a kid I played in my little band when I was like 13 (which one is you?) It's before I played the guitar. My first instrument was the harmonica. (The Unknowns) The Unknowns, and we were too."

The Pleasure was Mine - Tommy Hays

New Bern, NC – When Tommy Hays' father started showing early signs of Alzheimer's, Hay's inclination as a writer was to document. But what happened as he began to write this proposed book centered around his family's experiences couldn't have been too surprising when dealing with an illness that just doesn't get better.