How safe is your beach?  We talk to the State Recreational Water Quality Program Manager about testing the water at more than 200 locations, from Corolla to Sunset Beach.

When it comes to a trip to the beach, there are hazards you are aware of.  Sunburn, getting caught in a rip current, stepping on a shell or piece of glass, or in very rare cases, being bitten by a shark.  But there’s also hazards you may not consider, such as water quality.  

Friends of Fort Macon

It's live music at the beach.  The Friends of Fort Macon Concert Series is happening again this year.  Public Radio East's Mac McKee speaks with President Tom Kelly about the free performances.

  Performance Schedule:

June 12   The Unknown Tongues
June 26   Scearce and Ketner
July 10   Wild Honey
July 17   The Morehead Brass
July 31   4EverAll
Aug 7   Samantha Casey and the Bluegrass Jam

  This week on the Down East Journal, groups are at odds over the plan to relocate dredging material from Beaufort Inlet to Shackleford Banks.  Would the move impact tourism or help preserve Shackleford’s shoreline from erosion?  More on that story, Friday at noon on all of the PRE stations.  And Saturday at noon on News and Ideas.

We talk to a local scientist who developed a new method of rapidly detecting polluted water that’s likely to become the standard in the United States. 

For information on current swimming advisories, chick [here].