Middle and high school students across the state are gearing up for the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Model Bridge Building Competition.  Registration is open now through November 20th.  The competition isn't until next Spring, so that gives groups plenty of time to brainstorm ideas, design a diagram and construct a model bridge.  Mac McKee speaks with the Model Bridge Building Coordinator Gail Herring about the annual event which inspires students to explore the connect between the classroom and real world applications.

We hear an update on the construction of the high rise bridge from Morehead City to Beaufort.  

Communing between the coastal communities of Beaufort and Morehead City will be a lot less stressful once a new high rise bridge is operational over Gallants Channel.   The project, which has been in the works for 20 years, is well on its way to completion.

A new community shelter recently opened in Greenville, providing safe housing for more than 60 residents.  This week on the Down East Journal, we speak with Executive Director Bob Williams about the high-tech 2.2 million dollar facility and their mission to help the less fortunate in Pitt County.  Also, we hear an update on the construction of the high rise bridge from Morehead City to Beaufort.  And, a native of Lenoir County whose efforts in multiple American wars, including as a major figure in the state during the Civil War, have been lost to history has his story told by a fellow nativ

The bidding process to place a new high rise bridge linking Beaufort to Morehead City is underway.  Construction begins this Spring to replace the current Gallants Channel drawbridge.  We’ll talk about the project with the DOT and Beaufort Mayor Richard Stanley.