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On this edition of the Down East Journal, Public Radio East contributes to a new permanent exhibit on display at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Southport detailing the history of the lower Cape Fear region. We'll look at the exhibit and as well as rice cultivation in southeastern North Carolina. Also, our Beyond Binary series on underrepresented people in eastern North Carolina who fall outside traditional socio-political distinctions continues. And, author Dawson Carr and his book "NC-12: Gateway to the Outer Banks."

It’s a fact, an avian flu outbreak would cripple our local economy.  This week on the Down East Journal we explore local frustration over the new NC Farm ID requirement concerning backyard chickens.  Some residents are scoffing at the penalty free obligation, regarding it an invasion of privacy.  But state agriculture officials are warning of a worst case scenario. Both sides make their case – Friday at noon on all of the Public Radio Stations on the Down East Journal.

To view the NC Farm ID form, go to 

You’ve seen the videos, heart stopping close calls for students and bus drivers.  This week on the Down East Journal, how local school systems are beefing up safety protocols as kids head into the new school year.  The Down East Journal, Friday at noon on all of the PRE stations.  And Saturday at noon on New and Ideas. 

Cliff Hollis, ECU News Services

The Down East Journal has a new theme song composed by ECU grad Joshua Tomlinson.  He recently finished up his masters degree in music theory and composition.  Now he's enjoying his summer break and preparing to start a doctoral program at the University of Oklahoma.  We caught up with Tomlinson this week to tell him the good news.

Thank you to all of the student composers who submitted ideas for the contest:

Isaac Ward