Emerald Isle


More and more communities in eastern North Carolina are striving to be more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.  Building sidewalks or bike paths connects people with commercial areas, promotes healthy lifestyles and increases aesthetic appeal. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is paving the way to help municipalities develop plans that encourage safe walking and biking.  Mac McKee speaks with Planning program manager with NCDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Division John Vine-Hodge about the grant initiative.  

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is paving the way to develop bicycle and pedestrian paths across the state.   This week on the Down East Journal, more on the grant plan and how Emerald Isle’s  bike path is paying off 10 years later.

Second Helping - Holden Beach http://www.secondhelping.us/

When vacationers leave the beach, they often end up throwing away unused food.  But a program that started last month called Second Helping collects unwanted food and donates it to local food pantries. 

It’s peak time for vacation season at the beach. And now a new program is collecting leftover food from vacationers as they exit the Crystal Coast. Mikel Peterson has more.

  A program that saved the red wolf from extinction could come to an end.  This week on the Down East Journal, we talk to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official about the experimental Red Wolf Recovery Program and the review that will determine its effectiveness.  And, the summer concert series “Swanfest” continues at the coast this Sunday with a special Independence Day weekend offering.  Listen for the Down East Journal, Friday at noon on all of the PRE stations, and Saturday at noon on News and Ideas.

We check in with cyclist Dock Hooks who completed his 1,200 mile journey from Emerald Isle to Key West for charity.

One man from eastern North Carolina is pedaling over a thousand miles to raise awareness and support for substance abuse prevention.