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Florida-based marine research and recovery corporation Intersal has sued the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources over rights to the Queen Anne’s Revenge after withdrawing a similar case from the Office of Administrative Hearings in June. Lee Jenkins has more on the lawsuit and what led up to it.

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In 1961, the General Assembly established the North Carolina Awards, the highest civilian honor in the state.  Since its inception, more than 250 notable men and women have been honored by the state of North Carolina.  The Department of Cultural Resources is looking for nominations for this year’s awards.  Today, Mac McKee speaks with web content manager Jeff Miles.

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NC Dept of Cultural Resources

On Monday, the Department of Cultural Resources Underwater Archeology team performed their last dive of the season to recover artifacts from Blackbeard's flagship the Queen Anne's Revenge, and it was a huge success.  Five cannons and two large concretions were brought up from the bottom of the ocean floor, making it the largest one day recover of cannons so far.  Public Radio East's Mac McKee spoke with Director of the State Office of Underwater Archeology Steve Claggett about the dive.