INTRO – There is what we know. There is what we don’t know. Then there is the stuff we just can’t mentally erase. Prepare yourself… commentator Joan Carris runs down some science you just can’t forget.

As you know, every language has its own set of figures of speech, cliches, and colloquialisms—those quirky verbal bits that occur in all languages.  They are called tropes by the literati.  As a word, trope is muscling its way into popularity.  I expect it to replace all those other words in the way that venue has supplanted the words site and place.  Venue sounds classier, I suppose.

When I was a senior in college, I took a sociology course on marriage.  It was known as a gut course, dead easy.  You could even cut class, as I did that quarter in order to go bowling with a friend.  Yet the course was useful, particularly our discussions about the innumerable tremendous trifles that pop up in every marriage or close relationship.  You know…the person who leaves toothpaste in the sink…the one who always drops dirty clothes on the floor…the partner who never replaces a toilet paper roll.  (And these are just bathroom topics.)   What are we supposed to do with all of the be

Remembering 9/11... commentary from Chuck Twardy

Ayden, NC –
In the days surrounding Nine-Eleven's tenth anniversary, we'll drag out our tales about The Moment When We Heard. It's natural, just as it was for those who remember Pearl Harbor or President Kennedy's death. It also says something about the self-regarding society we've become that any astonishing event has to be about ME, somehow.

Driving My Life Away... commentary from Chuck Twardy

Love Lifts: Commentary from Merle Swicegood

New Bern, NC – Inspiration and insight often comes at the most unexpected times. New Bern commentator Merle Swicegood recalls now a moment of clarity at the coast.

Count on language mistakes for true embarrassment... commentary from Marion Blackburn

Greenville, NC – When people hear that I speak French, they're usually pretty surprised. After all, these days I'm far more likely to talk about my dogs than Descartes.

Actually, you can run away from your problems ... commentary from Marion Blackburn

Greenville, NC – You could call it my running year. That's because last year I ran. A lot.

Jonquils... commentary from Jenny Philips

Jones County, NC – I know you have seen them: The brilliant yellow and white flowers that bloom with gratuitous beauty along the highway or in the woods near a barely standing chimney. These flowers are signs that somebody lived there and loved beauty.

Smart phone... commentary from Chuck Twardy

A Black Eye Pea New Year... commentary from Jenny Philips

A Local Christmas... commentary from Jenny Philips

Trees... commentary from Jenny Philips

Heaven is for Animals... commentary from Marion Blackburn

Clunkers... commentary from Jenny Phillips

Jones County, NC – I don't let anyone disrespect the US auto industry at least not on reliability.

In 1993 I bought a new Plymouth Grand Voyager. It was my soccer mom, carpool car. We called it the "Land Yacht." I ferried ever-growing kids back and forth from school and sports. Then the kids grew up and got their own cars, and my role as chauffeur was over.

My Inner Card Shark... commentary from Marion Blackburn

Greenville, NC – Pop culture says most of us have an "inner child" inside us that never grows up. This inner child splashes in puddles, hits others with the kickball, hoards dolls and wants to race downhill on a skateboard.

Snakes!... commentary from Jenny Philips

Jones County, NC – Snakes. Of course we are afraid of them. It's Biblical, the "enmity" with the serpent's seed. Or evolutionary. There is primate research that shows that baby monkeys are afraid of snakes or even crooked branches that might be snakes. I ve got that gene

Marriage as Comedy... commentary from Jenny Phillips

Jones County, NC – Years ago I picked up a neighbor's social work journal and read an article that claimed that most marriages have an hysteric person and a compulsive person. The expert wrote that usually the wife is excitable, talkative, and over-reactive. Usually, the husband is orderly, unemotional, and quiet. The expert wrote that this was generally a good thing, since the couple balanced each other and made a more stable relationship.

Dogs & Deer... commentary from Jenny Philips

New Bern, NC – On a bright winter afternoon, I was out for a walk with Brooklyn, a beautiful, soft-eyed chocolate Labrador.

The barking started as soon as we got to the street. Our neighbors' tiny dachshund stood chest out to defend his masculinity and his driveway. He barked and skittered from side to side aggressively.

Finding Myself on Facebook... commentary from Marion Blackburn

Greenville, NC – In a moment of weakness, it happened. I joined an Internet social network. Now you'd think normal people would never ever of their own free will, spend time socializing by computer. But actually, it's a lot of fun. And addictive.

Commentary from Chuck Twardy... the newsroom lights dim

Remembering for Mother... commentary from Jenny Phillips

New Bern, NC – Life's events were remembered by commentator Jenny Phillips with a specific purpose in mind. Now that purpose is gone... bringing up heartache but also fond remembrance.

Figuratively Speaking... Commentary from Marion Blackburn

Greenville, NC – You know, words can take us on incredible trips. Just give me a big Russian novel and there I am, on the banks of the Neva River looking out over St. Petersburg.

But even without Dostoevsky, simple words can take us on exotic journeys.

So let's take a little journey, starting with the name of our month: March.

My Early Decision... commentary from Olivia Cho

Branding... commentary from Chuck Twardy

Fighting the Good Fight... for Laundry

Greenville, NC – PRE regular commentator Marion Blackburn has strong feelings about many important issues... Politics, the environment, and laundry.

New Bern, NC – A mediator who specializes in intractable situations discusses the possibilities for resolving the issue of the siting of an Outlying Landing Field in North Carolina and commentator Marion Blackburn's strong feelings aren't reserved solely for big issues like the environment.

New Bern, NC – Storm water is currently the largest source of pollution to coastal waters in North Carolina. The NC Division of WAter Quality began a series of public hearings on proposed changes to current storm water rules. We'll also hear a commentary from Beaufort children's book author, Joan Carris.

New Bern, NC – Obesity is quickly becoming an epidemic among children. We'll learn what one ENC county is doing to encourage better eating and exercise habits among children. We'll here a commentator from Wilmington author Andy Wood and find out what's going on in ENC during out weekly arts calendar.

New Bern, NC – PRE Regular Commentator Marion Blackburn is starting to feel a bit lonely in her back yard.