Now on exhibit at the Tryon Palace History Center's Duffy Exhibition Gallery, it's "Photographs by Hugh Morton: An Uncommon Retrospective" on view now through Sunday, Feb 22nd.  A North Carolina native, Morton's photography spans eight decades and includes his various experiences as a photojournalist, soldier in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and owner of the Grandfather Mountain tourist attraction.  Morton's images reflect his work, social causes, and personal experience.  Sarah Finch talks to Craig Ramey, the marketing and communications manager for Tryon Palace about the photog

Over the past 30 years, black bear populations in North Carolina have increased fivefold.   This week on the Down East Journal, we talk about new hunting policies in place to help stabilize their numbers.  And, the re-located 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse reopens to the public this weekend in Edenton. More on its history and the renovation process.  Listen for the Down East Journal, Friday at noon on all of the PRE stations, and Saturday at noon on News and Ideas.

Jay Butfiloski / Armadillo Webb Center

We talk to an expert about armadillos and why they’re populations are spreading into southeastern North Carolina.

Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team - Universtiy of Washington

An unusual number of arctic birds called dovekies are turning up along the coast often injured and malnourished.  We speak with a local wildlife sanctuary about this phenomenon and why the birds are dying after being rehabilitated.

It’s a sign of spring and warm weather… birds returning to eastern North Carolina after spending the winter down south.  But for one species, making the journey back home has become perilous.  The dovekie, a small arctic bird resembling a penguin only stands an average eight inches tall, but it makes a thousand mile journey every spring.