If there's one thing college kids do best, it's thinking creatively. Often operating with limited resources and tight deadlines, they're used to coming up with ingenious solutions to life's everyday problems (usually on little sleep). So it's no surprise that experts are turning to students for help in battling one of this year's most pressing global health issues: the Ebola outbreak.

One day after GOP candidates gave their party control of both chambers of Congress, presumptive Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate "needs to be fixed" — and that he and his Republican colleagues are willing to work with President Obama on some issues.

We'll update this post with news from McConnell's appearance in Louisville, Ky.

Update at 2:25 p.m. ET: On Obama And The Veto Threat

Republicans have won control of the Senate, reinforced their control of the House and defended some hotly contested governor seats across the country, in

After last night’s midterm elections, hosts Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson touch down in three key states with reporters from the Here & Now Contributor’s Network.

Sen. Bernie Sanders On The Midterm Results

Nov 5, 2014

It’s bad news for the Democrats. But, after the Republicans have taken the Senate by storm, Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is also taking note.

One of the most progressive voices in the Senate, he’s made huge calls for climate change legislation, universal healthcare, same-sex marriage and minimum wage.

He joins Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson for a look at what this new Senate means for him.

Part of the hook of the fine podcast Serial, spun off from This American Life and hosted by Sarah Koenig, is that it feels exactly like the grungy, procedurally exacting, multi-episode stories that are so popular right now on television. It feels so much like a great series on Showtime or HBO; it has the flavor of the anticipation and blind alleys and you-gotta-see-this social anticipation of True Detective or Fargo.

Saudi Arabia has dropped the price of crude oil that it sells to the U.S.

This move drove prices down to their lowest in three years. Saudi Arabia is the biggest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and members are reportedly in a price war due to a surplus of supplies.

The results are in and it’s a Republican wave. The GOP captured control of the Senate and solidified their hold on the House. The GOP also picked up governorships, as voters expressed displeasure with President Obama and Democrats. So what does this mean going forward for Congress and politics?

NPR’s Charlie Mahtesian joins Here & Now hosts Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson to explore this question and the new political landscape in Washington.

Teresa Romero Ramos, the Spanish nursing assistant who was diagnosed with Ebola, is now cured and has left a hospital in Madrid.

Just before her departure, her husband, Javier Limón, reportedly said Romero would sue Madrid's government for intimating that she had lied and for "executing" her dog Excálibur, while she was being treated for the deadly virus.

Brazil is teeming with law schools and lawyers. But the wheels of justice in the country turn slowly — most cases take years to resolve and sometimes even decades.

To understand why, we visited the musty offices of Judge Laurence Mattos in Sao Paulo. Mattos' suit is gray; his smile is thin. He seems as if his job has flattened him somehow. He's not very verbose either, and when he does speak, it's in a monotone. For 22 years, Mattos explains succinctly, he's been a judge dealing with financial issues in Brazil. End of story.

What is extraordinary is his workload.

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson says his party’s big win Tuesday night is a “serious responsibility” and he is “glad that the American public decided to give Republicans the chance to govern.”

Johnson says the message of the election is that the federal government needs to do less and do it better. He spoke with Here & Now‘s Robin Young about ISIS, global climate change and border security.

Interview Highlights: Sen. Ron Johnson

On climate change

DJ Sessions: Women And The Future Of Music

Nov 5, 2014

For this week’s DJ Sessions, we speak with Kyle Meredith who hosts “The Weekly Feed” out of WFPK in Louisville, Ky. He’s also music director there, and joins Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson to talk about female musicians that are driving the future of music.

Besides electing lawmakers Tuesday, voters settled ballot initiatives affecting everything from soda-pop taxes to fracking to marijuana sales.

The outcomes varied, but there was one economic issue that united voters. Overwhelmingly, they approved raises for minimum-wage workers.

In Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota, voters passed binding referendums to raise state minimums above the $7.25 an hour wage level mandated by the federal government. In each of the conservative-leaning states, opposition to wage measures was muted, and victory margins were wide.

For the past few months, we’ve heard incessant election coverage – the predicted wins, the interviews with party celebrities and the campaign trail. But a new journalistic organization is doing things differently, with its coverage of elections and everything else.

It’s called “The Conversation,” and it says its aim is to team up academics and journalists in a way that’s never been done before.

Republicans won control of Congress in last night’s midterm elections. Two political strategists – one from each party – join us to discuss the results.

Katie Packer Gage, former deputy campaign manager for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign in 2012, speaks with Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson about how Republicans took over the Senate and gained some key seats in the already controlled House.

GOP Wave Sweeps Midterms

Nov 5, 2014

The Republican Party dominated the midterm elections Tuesday. The GOP captured control of the Senate and solidified their hold on the House, as voters expressed displeasure with President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Here & Now’s Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson check in with our political analyst, Rick Klein, to see how this landscape shift will affect Congress and Washington politics going forward.

The Midterm Results, In Five Tables

Nov 5, 2014

2014 proved to be a great year for Republicans, with the party taking control of the Senate, beefing up its majority in the House, and winning key governorships across the country.

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In the latest vigilante attack based on an accusation of blasphemy, a young Christian couple in Pakistan was beaten by a mob and then incinerated at a brick factory.

There have been multiple cases in recent years in which Pakistanis are accused — often with little or no evidence — of committing blasphemy against Islam.

The police officer in charge of the investigation, Inspector Maqbool Ahmed, says he was told by local residents that the couple was still alive when they were shoved into a brick kiln.

The daily lowdown on books, publishing, and the occasional author behaving badly.

For the first time in the prestigious award's 16-year history, the Samuel Johnson Prize has gone to a memoir. Helen Macdonald's H Is for Hawk, an account of how falconry helped Macdonald grieve for her father's death, beat out a slew of histories and biographies to earn this year's honor. Historian Claire Tomalin presented the award to Macdonald at a ceremony Tuesday night in London.

The crash of Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo over the Mojave Desert last Friday, killing co-pilot Michael Alsbury and seriously injuring pilot Peter Siebold, has renewed discussions on the value of commercial space exploration. Should we continue to do this at the unavoidable cost of human life? Is this simply a moneymaking enterprise so that a few people that can afford the $250,000 price tag can float for a few minutes at the edge of Earth's atmosphere?

After a landslide victory on Tuesday, Saira Blair, an 18-year-old fiscal conservative, will become West Virginia's youngest lawmaker.

Blair earned 63 percent of the vote, winning a seat on the West Virginia House of Delegates.

In a statement on her campaign's Facebook page, Blair said her election sent a message that the road to "prosperity and success is rooted in conservative values and principles."