Don't look now, but Democrats may be on the verge of losing more than just the Senate after Tuesday's election. The governor's race in Maryland, one of the bluest states in the nation, has gotten uncomfortably tight.

When NPR Car Talk hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi opened a do-it-yourself car repair shop in Cambridge, Mass., in the early 1970s, Tom had never had so many laughs. The people who came into the shop were complete "wackos," he told Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 2001. "But man were they fun. And they weren't worried! When the guy jacked up his Lincoln Town Car and drove the floor jack through his oil pan, did he cry? He said, 'Uh oh.' I mean people could take a joke!"

Dasha Daunis is a lively 15-year-old who loves animals. She talks with her mother, Anastasia, about a recent trip to the circus, where they saw her favorite, bears.

Dasha was born with Down syndrome, and Anastasia says the doctors at the hospital told her that her baby would never thrive.

"Everyone was saying, the most reasonable decision is to abandon the child, because it's a cross you'll have to bear all your life," she recalls. "This child will never even understand that you are its father and mother. And your friends and your family will turn away from you."

Supermarkets are taking turkey orders; the tins of Christmas cookies beckon from display tables. These and other signs are unmistakable: The holiday feasting season is quickly approaching.

If you're like us, the prospect of cooking for a group — or contributing a dish to the holiday meal — this time of year can cause some anxiety.

You might think of the suburbs as those cozy places where people with more money live to escape the city. But it turns out that the suburbs are now the epicenter of poverty in America.

In the last decade, the rate of poverty in the suburbs has risen 66 percent — double the rise of poverty in the cities during the same time period.

A construction worker 50 stories in the air at one of the largest development projects in Jersey City accidentally knocked a tape measure off his belt.

It became a lethal missile, plunging 50 flights down, where another worker, who was stepping out of a truck to deliver material, was struck in the head and later died Monday.

A rare accident, but a reminder that working on construction sites is dangerous.

The police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson has jump-started a conversation about police practices across the country.

One police force in Florida that usually flies under the radar has come under scrutiny recently for its treatment of people in one neighborhood in Miami.

Very few people know the Florida East Coast Railway police department even exists, but a deep dive into their operations found that the majority of their arrests in Miami-Dade County were for trespassing around one intersection.

Taylor Swift And Spotify: It's Complicated

Nov 4, 2014

The online streaming service Spotify was forced to take down all of Taylor Swift’s songs off its service, after Swift and her label Big Machine, requested the removal Monday.

Swift’s entire new album “1989” had never streamed on Spotify, though the album’s first hit single “Shake It Off” was the most played track before it was removed.

Israeli-born Arab writer Sayed Kashua had long made Jerusalem his home. He’s the creator of the successful sitcom “Arab Labor” which took a humorous look at life for an Arab family living in Israel.

Voters in 41 states and the District of Columbia will weigh in on 147 ballot measures, ranging from raising the minimum wage to gambling to personhood rights for fetuses.

Some questions are out on the ballot by legislatures, 35 are there because citizens have gathered signatures — they’re called citizen initiatives. Some are referenda, looking to overturn existing law, and some are just advisory questions –they don’t have the weight of law.

Voters will decide the balance of power in Washington today. Republicans are poised to pick up seats in the House, where they already have the majority, with 233 seats, compared to Democrats’ 199.

The GOP could also take control of the Senate if they pick up six seats in the 36 Senate races.

Governorships are also on the line in 36 states. Right now, there are 21 Democratic governors and 29 Republican governors added.

Saving Sea Turtles With High-Tech Sensors

Nov 4, 2014

The National Park Service undertook an experiment this summer on the coast of North Carolina. They put sensors in the nests of endangered sea turtles to find out when baby turtles hatched and headed to the sea. The goal was to cut down on the number of days the beach had to close to protect the turtles.

The NPR social media desk compiled lists of NPR staff and public radio reporters who will be tweeting on Election Day.

Scroll down to find your state and follow reporters covering your area. Keep up with the latest elections updates with NPR News and NPR Politics on Twitter.

You thought that "I'm a Voter" app at the top of your Facebook newsfeed was just some cute flair, right?

Well, it actually makes a difference. No, really. Some serious scientists collaborated with Facebook in 2010 and found that the app added 340,000 additional voters that election cycle.

Here's how The New Republic explained the methodology:

Advanced Warfare,” the latest version of the first-person shooter video game “Call of Duty” goes on sale this week. Analysts expect that game will sell 21 million copies before Christmas.

“Call of Duty” has netted over $1 billion in sales each of the last five years, though it fell behind “Grand Theft Auto V” last year.

A nondescript 40,000-square-foot building in Ashland, Oregon, houses one of the world’s most unusual enterprises: the world’s only forensic crime lab — for animals.

If you’re wondering why animals need a forensics lab, consider this: the world trade in illegal wildlife is a $19 billion business — the fourth largest illegal industry worldwide — right behind narcotics, counterfeiting and human trafficking.

The mobile messaging app WeChat has taken China by storm in the past couple years, swiftly becoming the largest standalone-messaging app, with more than 300 million active monthly users.

It has an ever-growing array of functions, from text and voice messaging to photo sharing. Perhaps most importantly, WeChat users also have the ability to form groups of up to 500 people.

Federal officials are planning a wide range of audits into billing and government spending on managed health care in the new fiscal year, ranging from private Medicare Advantage groups that treat millions of elderly to health plans rapidly expanding under the Affordable Care Act.

The Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, which investigates Medicare and Medicaid waste, fraud and abuse, said it would conduct "various reviews" of Medicare Advantage billing practices with an eye toward curbing overcharges. Results are due next year.

Three and a half decades after young Iranians stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and triggered a 444-day hostage crisis, calls of "Down with America!" again rang out on the streets outside the former U.S. mission.

So far, so predictable. But this year's rally featured an unusual twist, according to official media.

The Islamic Republic News Agency reports that the rally's final communique condemned America as an "oppressor power" that must be resisted.