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George Olsen is a 1977 Havelock High School graduate. He received his B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of South Carolina in 1982 where he got his first taste of non-commercial radio working for their student station WUSC. After graduation he worked about five years in commercial radio before coming to work at Public Radio East where he has remained since outside of a nearly 3-year stint as jazz and operations coordinator at WUAL in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the early 1990s. On his return to eastern North Carolina he hosted classical music for Public Radio East before moving into the Morning Edition host position and now can be heard on All Things Considered. He also hosts and produces The Sound, five hours of Americana, Roots Rock and Contemporary Folk weekday evenings on PRE Public Radio East News & Ideas,  and is a news and feature producer for Public Radio East.

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New Bern’s Nicholas Sparks has just released his 18th book “The Longest Ride.” Dating back to 1996’s “The Notebook” he’s enjoyed remarkable success, with several of the books topping the New York Times bestseller list and virtually all… if not all… appearing in the top ten… which is why I was surprised by his answer to my question about whether he still enjoys the writing process after nearly 18 years as a highly-read author.

For Andrew Marlin, the genesis of Mandolin Orange’s 3rd CD “This Side of Jordan” evolved from a near-tragic incident in his own life back in 2011 that occurred around the release of the duo’s 2nd CD.

INTRO – A new treatment for depression is now available in eastern North Carolina. George Olsen has more.

INTRO – Seat belt usage declined last year in North Carolina. George Olsen has more.

INTRO – A Beaufort County manufacturer has announced it will expand operations at its Washington plant. George Olsen has more.

The lower Neuse Riverkeeper has resigned. George Olsen has more.

INTRO – Some New Bern area travelers may hit a detour starting Tuesday. George Olsen has more.

INTRO – The first bills under the “Tax and Tag” program come due Sunday. George Olsen has more.

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INTRO – Next time your kids balk when you tell them to do their homework, you can back up your arguments with statistical evidence. George Olsen has more.

An analysis by Triple A Carolinas lists Pitt County as the most dangerous county in the state for vehicle collisions for the fifth year running. Last year Pitt County had 4633 traffic crashes which worked out to about 307 crashes per 100 million vehicle miles traveled… a rate about 50% higher than the state average of just below 205. Pitt County also was listed 2nd only behind Graham County for the rate of injuries sustained in crashes. TripleA Carolinas president and CEO David E. Parsons said consistently high ranking should be a wake-up call for better traffic enforcement or road design.

The Nature Conservancy announced the acquisition of 459 acres in Pender County. Half of the purchase price will come from the U-S Navy as the protected area will help buffer Camp Lejeune firing ranges from development. The Conservancy plans to restore a long-leaf pine forest to the area in order to expand habitat for the federally endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. The land also has some historical significance.

INTRO – Tryon Palace will get a national stage during the upcoming fall television season. George Olsen has more.

INTRO – A trial surrounding racial assignment policies in the Pitt County School system gets underway today. George Olsen has more.

North Carolina’s new system of requiring payment for both vehicle property tax and registration renewals at the same time is going into effect. George Olsen has more.

The Governor’s Office announced that Pactiv LLC would expand manufacturing facilities in Lenoir and Iredell Counties. A press release said the expansions would add 77 new jobs and result in an investment of over $9 million at the plants in Kinston and Mooresville though there was no indication of the breakdown of jobs and investment at each facility. The press release did not state an average salary for the new positions, saying salaries would vary, and that the average annual payroll for the new positions would be over $2.5 million.

The ironclad CSS Neuse laid under the waters of the Neuse River in Kinston for around 100 years before it was raised in the 1960s. It most recently had been housed in an outdoor shelter at the Governor Caswell Memorial Site before being very slowly moved a year ago June to its first climate-controlled indoor facility. This Thursday the remains of the ironclad will receive its first visitors since that move. Prior to the opening a highway marker will be unveiled at 130 S. Queen Street at 10:30 am followed by the first interpretive tours of the ship at the CSS Neuse Museum at 100 N.

Over the next month interviewers will call hundreds of coastal residents asking them about their past actions and future plans when evacuation orders are issued. The state did a similar study in 2003. But with the state’s population expanding more than 15 percent since that time… and many of those new residents having not experienced a hurricane… the state wants to get new information. Public Safety Secretary Kieran Shanahan says knowing how residents receive evacuation information… and then what they do with it… will help the department better coordinate and allocate resources.

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INTRO – The very rainy weather of recent weeks is prompting a warning to car buyers from state officials. George Olsen has more.

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The moves are in response to a $37 billion dollar cut in the Department of Defense budget for this fiscal year as a result of federal sequestration. A press release from the base says civilian employees… with a few exceptions… will have to take one day of unpaid leave each week between next Monday and September 21. First responders such as police and fire personnel are exempt from the furloughs. The reduction in personnel will prompt changes in operations, including closing the commissary and the pharmacy at the exchange on Mondays.

AAA Carolinas expects about a 2% decline in travel for the July 4th holiday. They’re estimating 988,500 state residents traveling during the five-day holiday period. Most of the decline is attributed to the shorter holiday period… last year the 4th fell on a Wednesday, this year on a Thursday. Some of the blame is also attributed to gas prices which, while mostly flat for the past two months, are 8% higher than a year ago.

Two of the turtles were rescued off Cape Lookout back in April suffering from symptoms of cold-stunning that occurs when turtles get suddenly caught in waters where the temperature drops suddenly, leaving them lethargic and unable to feed or swim. The other came to the Aquarium as a hatchling in August 2011, unable to get out of a nest on Bogue Banks on his own. All are green sea turtles. Rescued turtles are released as soon as they’ve recovered.

The 2013 Kids Count Data Book ranks North Carolina 35th in the nation in overall child well-being. The survey looks at four categories… economic well-being, family and community, education and health. North Carolina’s highest ranking was in education where it placed 27th though the report noted the percentage of students graduating high school on time had declined 18 percent in a five-year period. The report noted gains in fourth grade reading and eighth-grade math proficiency. The state’s lowest ranking was in economic well-being with 26% of children living in poverty in 2011.

INTRO – Efforts to restore the original Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry route got back underway this weekend. George Olsen has more.

INTRO – The Governor’s Office has announced a business expansion expected to bring 200 new jobs to Greenville. George Olsen has more.

The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame will enshrine its 2013 inductees tonight in Raleigh. George Olsen has more.

AAA Carolinas reports it will cost North Carolinians less to drive this year than last. George Olsen has more.

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Sequestration imposed a 5 percent budget cut on all National Park Service facilities. That has resulted in a reduction of $123,417 to Cape Lookout National Seashore’s budget of nearly two-and-a-half million dollars. Because of the cut visitors will see some changes in Seashore operations. The Harkers Island Visitor Center will close on weekends beginning this Sunday with all Ranger-led interpretive programs at Harkers Island and the Cape Lookout lighthouse discontinued.

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