To The '13.7' Community: I Love You, Man!

Jul 11, 2013

Two hundred and eleven comments and counting — about poetry! We here at 13.7 have come to understand what the hot-button issues are for most people. The strongest responses happen in reaction to posts about religion and science, animal welfare, diet and children's issues.

Then — unexpectedly — my post on the relationship between science and poetry launched a vibrant and compelling discussion about the nature and importance of poetry.

One usually gets the feeling that poetry has become, well, kind of unimportant for modern society. For those who love and are moved by its forms, it can feel kind of lonely. But, clearly, poetry is doing OK if a blog post on one of the nation's most respected news sites can generate a firestorm of deeply felt and closely argued commentary.

Take that, you horrible, nasty, disheartening YouTube comments!

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