AAA Carolinas predicts increased motor travel over Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2013

AAA Carolinas is expecting a slight increase this year in Thanksgiving holiday traffic. George Olsen has more.

During the Wednesday to Sunday Thanksgiving holiday period the Charlotte based motor club is expecting about 1,170,000 North Carolinians to hit the road, up about 36,000 from last year. They’ll be greeted by cheaper gas prices than they saw the last major travel holiday. A gallon of regular is currently averaging $3.23, down 28 cents from the September Labor Day holiday. Prices are also down seven cents from a year ago. If they travel to neighboring states, prices are even lower ranging from $3.07 in South Carolina to $3.13 in Virginia. While motor traffic for the holiday will be up, AAA predicts fewer North Carolinians will travel by air, even though air fares are down 1% from a year ago. I’m George Olsen.