Answers: Test Your NPR IQ With Quizzes From 'Ask Me Another'

Jun 11, 2013

Game #1: A Host of Hosts
The Answers

1) This fresh-sounding host is actually twelve dozen different people.
HINT: She's butted heads with Gene Simmons and Bill O'Reilly.
ANS: Terry Gross (a gross is twelve dozen)

2) This longtime NPR host sounds like a play by Chekhov, but he's strictly "for the birds."
ANS: Robert Siegel

3) This All Songs Considered host must like his music hot, because he keeps the studio at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
ANS: Bob Boilen (boiling)

4) The full name of this "king" of current-events comedy anagrams to "A REGAL PEST."
ANS: Peter Sagal

5) She's the newest voice on All Things Considered: her first name sounds like a luxury car brand, and her last name sounds like a game hen.
ANS: Audie Cornish

6) Surprisingly, this host is not related to the actor who played Walker, Texas Ranger.
ANS: Michele Norris

7) Hosts Talk of the Nation, but he really wants to host Talk of the Barbarians.
ANS: Neil Conan

8) Correspondents Patti Neighmond and Tom Gjelten have the same silent letter in their last names as this Morning Edition host.
ANS: Renee Montagne (MUNTAINE)

Game #2: This That Or The Other
Here are the answers. Remember, you're guessing whether these names are an NPR Reporter, Former World Leader or Medical Disorder.

ANS: Former World Leader. Eduard Shevardnadze was the former leader of the Republic of Georgia.

ANS: NPR Reporter. Margot Adler has been an NPR reporter since the late 70s.

ANS: NPR Reporter. Peter Overby is NPR's correspondent covering power, money, and influence.

ANS: Medical Disorder. Tourette's syndrome is a condition characterized by verbal and motor tics.

ANS: Former World Leader. Frederik de Klerk was the last President of South Africa under apartheid.

ANS: Medical Disorder. Cushing's Syndrome is marked by an increased secretion of a certain hormone from the pituitary gland.

ANS: Medical Disorder. Korsakoff's syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by the lack of thiamine.

ANS: NPR Reporter. David Folkenflik is NPR's Media Correspondent.

ANS: NPR Reporter. NPR Reporter Julie Rovner covers health care policy.

ANS: Medical Disorder. Usher syndrome is a leading cause of deafblindness.

ANS: NPR Reporter. Yuki Noguchi covers business for NPR's National Desk.

MULRONEY (MULL-ruu-knee)
ANS: Former World Leader. Martin Brian Mulroney was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 to 1993.

ANS: Medical Disorder. Sandhoff Syndrome is an inherited lipid storage disorder.

ANS: Former World Leader. Samuel Doe was the 21st president of Liberia until his assassination in 1990.

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