Archaeology teams again schedule search for CSS Neuse remnants

May 12, 2014

INTRO – The State Underwater Archeology Team will again try to get on the Neuse River in Kinston Tuesday (May 13)  to search for remnants of the CSS Neuse. George Olsen has more.

The initial plan was to be on the Neuse two months ago to find out if any part of the CSS Neuse remains and is salvageable. But the survey was postponed once, twice and then indefinitely because of high river levels. Now, Deputy State Archaeologist John Morris says “the river is at the right depth” for planned research. The R/V Snap Dragon II will patrol the Neuse between the King Street and Queen Street bridges, using side-scan sonar and a magnetometer to look for anything that may be salvageable. The CSS Neuse was scuttled by its Confederate troops in 1865 and remained underwater until 1964 when most of the ship was salvaged. I’m George Olsen.

UPDATE -- The expedition has been cancelled because of the failure of brakes on the trailer that was to transport the R/V Snap Dragon II to Kinston. The expedition will not take place until July.