Halloween Costume Ideas Straight From The Week's Headlines

Oct 14, 2013
Originally published on October 30, 2013 10:36 am

Two weeks into October, and the pressure really starts getting to your head. What am I going to be for Halloween?

Did you set the bar too high last year with your Binders Full Of Women costume? Or maybe you're determined to NOT have the same getup as five other people... again. Whatever the hangup may be, take some cues from your news-minded friends at NPR for creating a unique and timely costume out of the headlines:

Furloughed employee (with or without dog). You might even make some money like this guy, who estimates he brought home almost double the hourly wage he earns at the FDA.

Post-Potter Radcliffe. Think Allen Ginsberg smoking cigarettes.

The mother-daughter costume - Madeline and Miss Clavel. The classic children's book series is coming up on its 75th birthday!

A Nobel Prize winner. Many options here.

Kid who found a nutrition book in their McDonald's Happy Meal instead of a toy. The fast food chain plans to distribute around 20 million nutritionally-minded children's books in its kids meals this November (that's more than the number of print copies of the Hunger Games trilogy sold in 2012).

Prefer to dress up as a group? Wear anything remotely related to pop culture and call it the lineup from Roomrunner's "Wojtek" video. According the the director, they covered everything from Thunderball to French Chef with Julia Child.

Unemployed lab mouse. With federal scientists out of their labs, the NIH is going to have to start killing mice to avoid overcrowding.

Need more ideas? Maybe this TED Radio Hour show can help.

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