Morehead City Hosts Coastal Plain All-Star Game

Jul 14, 2014

The Coastal Plain Baseball League is holding its All-Star game tonight, and Governor Pat McCrory plans to attend. Lee Jenkins Reports.

The game starts at seven in Big Rock Stadium. The top players from all of the league’s teams will be participating. Morehead City city manager David Whitlow states that, while he’s unsure as to why Governor McCrory’s attending, he’s certainly glad to have him at the game.

“I think it will be very helpful to kind of highlight what this ballpark and ball team does for Morehead City and just a great time to show everybody it’s a good time to be down on the Crystal Coast.”

Whitlow believes All Star the game will help local businesses in bringing customers to area restaurants, hotels, and other venues. In preparation for the event, the city manicured the baseball field, thoroughly inspected the stadium, and ensured the sound system worked properly. I’m Lee Jenkins.