News-Inspired Halloween Costumes, Round Two

Oct 29, 2013
Originally published on October 30, 2013 10:41 am

It's getting closer and closer to that costume party, and you still have no idea what clothes in your closet to throw together to make you stand out at Halloween. Don't worry. We are making things easy for you with more Halloween costume ideas straight from the headlines.

Breaking Bad fan in withdrawal. "This is it; there's no more." - Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz from an interview with Fresh Air.

This ominous lamp thing. Or anything from All Tech Considered's "Weekly Innovation" series. Cuddle Mattress? 'Nuff said.

An Electrical Engineering major who wished they'd instead sprung for the Petroleum Engineering degree after seeing this chart ranking the least and most lucrative college majors. Thanks Planet Money.

A troll. You know, the disenfranchised White House aide who was fired after insulting Obama administration employees on Twitter.

Wishing for somethng more... mysterious? Dress up like one of the new pieces from reclusive British street artist Banksy that are popping up around New York this month. Options include: a mysterious rat, a man with Molotov Flowers (pictured below), Ronald McDonald's shoe shiner or Ronald McDonald himself.

Or how about less mysterious graffiti artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

(Group Costume Idea) Classic 90s hip hop groups: Perhaps you and your friend are always debating the top 10 greatest rap albums from the 1990s. Dress up as your favorite rapper and settle the score in costume.

Supermodel hitting the catwalk in the latest tread: a haute chocolate dress. In case you're worried about not having enough sweet treats to eat clothes made of real chocolate were all the rage at London's Salon du Chocolat fair. (Friendly reminder: chocolate melts. Your call.)

And a few other things to keep in mind this Halloween week (just because...):

  • Feeling like a ghoulish sloth in the morning? Spray this on.
  • Worried about someone taking their blood-sucking vampire costume a little too seriously? Try this as repellent.
  • Can't eat all your candy? Give it away to someone who can.

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