North Topsail Charging Fee At Beach Access #3

Jun 22, 2017

The town of North Topsail Beach will soon begin requiring an access pass to enter a highly used 4x4 permissible driving area. The area, known as Onslow County Beach Access #3 is located at the end of River Road and consists of approximately 12 acres of shoreline along the New River. It’s a popular spot for surf fishing and the need to provide maintenance, law enforcement and public safety have increased to a point where the town has decided to charge users a fee.  Annual permits for $100.00 and daily passes for $20.00 will be required starting July 10th.  North Topsail Beach residents will be able to access the site for free with a hurricane re-entry sticker on their vehicle.  The town is working to provide online and mobile phone payment options, as well as a pay stations at the entrance of the permissible driving area and Town Hall.  For more information, go to: