NPR In The News and Beyond: Pop Culture Takeover

Oct 10, 2013
Originally published on October 16, 2013 12:53 pm

Perhaps great minds do think alike, because over the last few weeks, NPR was on the brain (and lips) of an internationally acclaimed rock star, a pro baseball pitcher-turned-substitute P.E. teacher, a favorite Saturday Night Live alum a hip hop artist and a late night talk show host.

The HBO comedy series Eastbound & Down got its fourth season rolling with some NPR affection when its lead character Kenny Powers says, "I love NPR," as he hums along to classical music in the opening scene. Some fans of the show may be calling this out-of-character. Watch here and decide for yourself.
*We can only vouch for the first :28 seconds of this video. The remaining contains adult content.

Sir Paul McCartney crossed paths with Earl Sweatshirt in the lobby of NPR's New York City bureau earlier this week. Thankfully, @nprhiphop and Brick Stowell (@brickstowell) were there to capture the magic moment.

And on Conan last week, comedic actor Andy Samberg told Conan O'Brian what really impresses his hometown friends and family about his career: getting interviewed on Fresh Air. (Aren't we all?). Watch the clip at about 20:00 minutes:

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