Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Star Wars,' 'Louie' And Other Phenomena

May 9, 2014

We're joined this week by the lovely Petra Mayer of NPR Books, who brings her serious sci-fi and fandom chops to our opening chat about the big Star Wars news. (From her early comment that one of the prequels should be subtitled "Three Hours Closer To Death And Nothing To Show For It," you can tell she's serious about those chops.) (And the way she says, "I'm Trek not Wars!") We also talk quite a bit about diversity in casting, and I mention a story about Noah that you can read here.

We also jump into the topic of Louie, FX's decorated, widely admired comedy centered around Louis CK. We talk about the positives, the drawbacks, and a little nonspoilery business about the new season. (Well, a little spoilery as to the first two episodes that have already aired. Otherwise much less so.) Petra mentions a cat picture she worked on while she was watching the Louie episodes. You can see that picture at the bottom of this post.

As always, we close the show with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is very happy about a musical theater production about which he is completely unbiased, in the sense that one of his blood relatives is in it. He's also happy about a record you can actually listen to. Petra is happy about a book series she really loves (you must hear her description). Glen is happy about a book that sounds equally interesting and surprising. I am happy about a small grab bag of things: Stephen writing about sellouts, a giant toy I got in the mail, and Dave Holmes' Somewhere In Time column.

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