Public Square Photo Assignment: Show Us Your Commute!

Oct 11, 2013
Originally published on October 15, 2013 10:35 am

There are a few unavoidable things in life: death, taxes and, for most of us, commuting. This month we want you to take a closer look at your commute, a continuation of our "Public Square" series with KPCC.

Document something beautiful, strange, memorable — something that makes your daily trek remarkable — and share it on Instagram or Twitter with #PSCommute. Even if it's just the mental commute to your home office. Get creative!

You might find that the exercise makes your commute a little longer — but also a little more fun.

The Deets:

Caption, caption, caption! Please include:

  • WHEN you took the photo (time of day)
  • DURATION of your commute
  • WHAT you photographed and WHY

Please tag only one photo on Instagram between now and Oct. 21.

Any image tagged before that date is eligible to be featured on our Instagram account or blogs, KPCC's AudioVision and NPR's Picture Show.

Check in for updates (@npr and @kpcc) and you might see your photo. We're looking forward to traveling with you this month!

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