Stop complaining... homework is good for you!

Aug 27, 2013

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INTRO – Next time your kids balk when you tell them to do their homework, you can back up your arguments with statistical evidence. George Olsen has more.

It was a limited study, but nevertheless an ECU Department of Economics professor says he has some statistical backing for the benefits of homework. Dr. Nick Rupp said he’d heard of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of homework but had never seen it studied scientifically. So he got students in his principles of microeconomics class to agree to be divided into two groups… one required to do homework worth 10 percent of their final grade and the other where homework was optional and tests were 100 percent of the grade. When all was said and done, students who did required homework performed half-a-letter-grade better… and their test averages were higher than their homework averages. Dr. Rupp hopes to do a similar study in a chemistry class to see if the results are replicated. I’m George Olsen.