Institute of Marine Sciences

The Albermarle Sound, the Pamlico Sound, the South River; these estuarine waters are an important feeding and nesting habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife.   Most of the seafood that ends up on your plate spends part of its life in our estuaries so it makes sense to protect these habitats.   But as beneficial as estuaries are for recreation and the economy, they are also very fragile.

Stephen Fegley

Officials in North Topsail Beach called a special meeting just last week to address the loss of 900 feet of dunes.  It’s thought that winter storms and two hurricanes are the cause of erosion.  But there may be another contributor.  A team of researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Institute of Marine Sciences recently published results of a multi year study conducted in Onslow County that found sea level anomalies, or periods of higher-than-normal water levels, can cause extensive erosion.   This week, I spoke with Ph.

UNC Institute of Marine Sciences

On April 5th, the Beneath The Waves Film Festival takes place at the coast.  The festival includes a variety of films highlighting coastal issues, a panel discussion with local scientists, and booths showcasing marine science that happens in Carteret County.